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Sacramento is buzzing again, this time, with an online beat, and it happens to be – Sacramento Smooth Jazz Radio! This exciting new station is quickly becoming a cultural hub for the city, led by our Host and Program Director, Michael Andrews. Michael, a media professional with a contagious enthusiasm for music and community, is building a team of talented on-air personalities to share their love of smooth jazz in the Sacramento region.

Leveraging his business acumen, listeners can expect engaging on-air personalities, known for their [positive personality traits, e.g., smooth voices, insightful commentary, and infectious energy]. They'll connect you with the latest smooth jazz artists through interviews, informing you about local events and businesses, and sharing meticulously crafted playlists featuring the genre's finest.

Sacramento Smooth Jazz Radio is more than just a station; it's a growing, strong community fueled by a shared love for smooth sounds. The station will celebrate the city's spirit, fostering a sense of connection and becoming a beloved destination for Smooth jazz enthusiasts. Tune in and discover the future of Sacramento radio and the growing team of on-air personalities as your guides! 

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